All-Inclusive IT Services for a Flat Monthly Fee

Strix LA is your turnkey solution for information technology. As the leading experts in Baton Rouge, we provide full-service IT management and support for the businesses in the area. With our flat monthly fee and all-inclusive IT services, we take the stress out of technology and ensure your business is always up and running with no additional charges – ever.

Managed service provider

From the initial infrastructure set up to ongoing support and maintenance, we provide every service you need for your technology. We build an IT infrastructure specially for your company that is designed to empower your employees and better your workflow. With proactive IT services and management, we catch problems before they ever affect your bottom line.

System Maintenance

We keep your systems updated and secure with software and equipment maintenance. Whether its your phone system or your custom software, we monitor it for malfunctions or errors to prevent it from hurting your workflow. We also keep everything up to date so there are no security breaches or risks within your company. With Strix LA, all your equipment and systems are covered.

Vendor Coordination

Keeping track of all the vendors that go into making your phones, internet, and other devices function can be a headache. Strix LA coordinates your vendors for you so your office has the support it needs to function without the stress of managing them all yourself.

Computer Security

As a businessowner, you handle extremely sensitive information for employees, customers, and the company. You need to keep it protected and secure from others. Strix LA keeps all your data safe with comprehensive computer security. From firewalls to antivirus and malware protection, your company is safe and secure when you partner with Strix LA.

Tech Support

Strix LA keeps your business running with unlimited tech support. From quick questions to new equipment set up, our technicians are available to help you over the phone, in person, or through our online help desk for no additional cost.

Additional Services

As expert developers, Strix LA offers additional services to the companies of Baton Rouge to help them succeed in their business endeavors. These additional services are not included in our monthly services and are custom built to your design and functionality specifications.

Custom Software Development

Our experienced developers build you the custom software your company needs. Whether it’s a mobile application to sell or software to enhance your company’s workflow, we can help you reach your full potential with custom software development.