Information Technology Management

Comprehensive Information Technology Management for Your Baton Rouge Business

Managing all the technology that powers your business is a full-time commitment and requires extensive knowledge in all types of devices from servers to software. With Strix LA, you can focus your attention on your business and let us handle the digital power supporting your company with information technology management.

Information Technology Management – Infrastructure to Maintenance

We set your business up for success with a leading-edge infrastructure, designed specifically to help you streamline processes. Coordinating every piece of technology in your office, we ensure communication between machines functions perfectly so communication between people is unhindered. At Strix LA, we’re all about supporting not just technology but also you, your employees, and your customers.

In addition to a high-performance infrastructure, we also maintain your systems with maintenance and tech support services. We proactively look for possible malfunctions and fix them before they affect your bottom line. When you do have a question or an issue with a piece of equipment, we offer unlimited tech support on the phone, in person, or through our online help desk. We keep your business operational with comprehensive information technology management services.









Comprehensive Information Technology Management with No Additional Charges

Our information technology management services are all inclusive for a flat-rate, monthly fee. You never have to worry about additional charges for our services or trying to fix the problem yourself in an effort to avoid a costly bill. We take care of our customers for a monthly fee and as a result, you get unlimited support and no technology-induced headaches. Stop spending your valuable time on getting the phone to work and focus on your business instead by partnering with Strix LA today. We ensure your office runs smoothly with information technology management.