Computer Security

Manage Computer Security for Your Baton Rouge Company’s Protection

Storing sensitive company data is a necessity, but it’s also a risk when it’s not protected from bad actors and prying eyes. Strix LA keeps your company data safe by securing it with the latest and greatest in computer security.


We protect your company from all types of outside threats with a strong and unbreakable firewall. We filter out any malicious traffic and monitor the rest to ensure you never receive harmful content that may infect your business.


Virus authors target companies for their assets. You need protection from these threats so you can run your business safely and securely. Strix LA protects you from viruses, spyware, ransomware, malware, and other threats with real-time security.



Your data is your livelihood. Without your data concerning your employees, customers, and partners, you could suffer and even go out of business. We back up your data and test it so if something does happen to your in-house systems, we have you covered with up-to-date backups that are guaranteed.



We keep you safe in the digital world with malware protection for all your devices. We’ll keep your files clean of trojans, corrupted software, worms, adware, and more with real-time malware protection.

No matter what device you are using for your business, you need protection from those who intend you harm. Strix LA provides the best in computer security so you don’t need to worry about your company’s safety. We keep you safe online and off with comprehensive computer security services that monitor your protection in real time. Feel safe in your business by calling Strix LA today.