How to Grow Business by Leaving a Great Impression

Sure, cars, houses, and gadgets can impress people. But leaving a lasting, positive impression comes from much more than the stuff you have. If you really want to impress people, hit them with a positive, can-do attitude. And remember, people who are impressed are more likely to buy.

An Invitation to the Strix LA Business Builders Series

Growing a business is hard. Don’t go it alone. Getting your business to the next level is not easy. We know because we are also fighting that battle every day. That’s why we built the Business Builders Series. September 10th, 2019 is our next installment. Don’t miss it! Register Here We’ll have with us StoryBrand […]

Effective LinkedIn Connection Techniques

Blue and white hands shaking in the shape of a square button or icon.

LinkedIn is a great way to build connections with prospects, potential partners, or industry colleagues. So great, in fact, that each and every connection request should be given the attention it deserves!