iTunes on Windows Vulnerability

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Did you know? 

A very serious flaw was found in iTunes for Windows that exposes unpatched computers to a ransomware attack. Did you know it was out there?  Probably not. You’re focused on your business and the hundreds of other things that come up that need your attention. You are not concerned about news of the latest cyber threats.

As a Strix LA client, you don’t have to know

Did you also know that as a Strix Managed Services client, you are already taken care of?  You probably didn’t know that we already identified if you’re at risk and took the necessary steps to keep you protected. Quietly, unobtrusively, and effectively. We’ll focus on the health of your computers and important data, you focus on your business.

Friends don’t let friends get hacked

Refer us to a friend who you know could benefit from the same kind of service you get from Strix LA and not only will you be doing the right thing but well throw in in a sweet prize for you as well!