Management Information System Services

Keeps Your Business in Production

Businesses rely on technology for communication, production, and workflow. Without properly functioning equipment and software, many businesses have to shut down until everything is up and running again. At Strix LA, we make sure your company can go about its business by providing the best managed IT services in Baton Rouge. Our team of management information system professionals ensure your technology is working properly and continues to work properly so you never have company downtime.

Complete IT Services for Your Baton Rouge Business

Strix LA provides comprehensive IT services that not only covers troubleshooting problems but also includes the management of your whole IT framework. From the initial infrastructure setup to equipment monitoring, we ensure everything is running smoothly so you never have anything to worry about. When we do our jobs correctly, you never even realize anything has happened because we prevent problems before they affect your bottom line.

Strix LA has been crucial in giving us the means to operate as a mobile/remote work force. They built our technology environment around being able to continue our productivity while being out of the office. Strix had us prepared so that our staff can work remotely with ease and we have only had to make a few very small changes to the way we operate. Thanks to their preparedness our staff is able to accomplish their daily tasks and our business continues to serve our customers with the same high quality standards we have set in place.

– Eagle Environmental

Our Management Information System Services Include:



We equip you with the best technology and systems from the start. With our stable, secure, and resilient technology ecosystem, we’ll streamline your processes and minimize future problems. We’ll start by assessing your current needs and install a new IT infrastructure to support your company. From phone systems to cyber security, we have you covered with comprehensive IT services.  



We’re known as the best IT company in Baton Rouge because we often prevent problems before they have a chance to affect your company’s workflow. From updates to routine system checks, we ensure your equipment will continue to operate properly with equipment monitoring.

Unlimited Systems &

Technology Maintenance

When equipment or software malfunctions, we make fixing it our top priority because we know every second counts in your company. With our flat monthly rate, you never have to worry about additional costs for repairs, and we spend as long as it takes to get you back up and running.



When you need your hosting provider and phone provider to cooperate, we make it easier by managing it for you. We’ll call, schedule, and coordinate your vendors to ensure complete cooperation from every provider. With Strix LA, you have much less to worry about.

Unlimited IT Support for a Flat-Rate

Strix LA provides management information system services differently; we believe that proper IT management should save you money by preventing problems from ever occurring in the first place. With our IT management, we bill a flat monthly fee for our all-inclusive services. We thrive on preventing problems for you because we never charge extra for fixing breakdowns. We don’t count hours, which means you get unlimited and quality support. Ultimately, you pay us to keep your systems up and running so both of us are profitable. That’s called customer alignment.