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Cybersecurity: Are You an Easy Target?

Often times, criminals are out looking for easy targets, the “low hanging fruit.” Cyber criminals are no different. They are looking for easy passwords, vulnerable systems, and uneducated employees. Are you an easy target?

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The Secret Ingredient in Team Building

Haven’t you ever wondered: “What’s the secret to team building?” Why do some teams seem never to lose employees and have such great cultures? How do they do it? The secret ingredient is….

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Tech-tip Tuesday: Priority Messages in Teams

In July of 2019, Microsoft will roll out a new feature in Teams (and if you aren’t using Teams… well, you’re missing out!) that will allow you to mark a message as priority. The priority mark will create periodic notifications for the recipient of your message to help ensure they see it.

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SaaS Creep: Wrangling the Expansion of Your Business Software Costs

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), as it is commonly called, has revolutionized the way businesses consume software. With a low cost of entry and easy implementation, company’s find themselves adding more and more software to their solution stack. Then one day, the business owner looks down and sees the business is spending a fortune every month on software and they don’t even know what it is all for. Here are some steps on how to get it all under control.

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